No smartphone? No problem!

Submit your OSD June 2015 observation here. Please consider the following before you start filling out the form:

Please, if all breaks loose, you can email your data to us. If you have questions and feedback we would be more than happy if you contact us.


Currently, is hosting the OSD App Server. Most importantly, it is your data and we would like to correctly link your data to you. We also would like you to login in order to maintain security and data quality and avoid misuse of our services. However, for your convenience you can also login to using your Facebook, Google or Twitter account avoiding to create and maintain yet another account.
The data will be stored in our database and made publicly available to everyone via our OSD App Server.
You can find further information on the MyOSD webpage It hosts tutorials and detailed information about the sampling process.
Currently, please use an external application such as e.g. Google Maps. There, you can approximate your geographic location of your data collection with the mouse and do a right click. A little popup menu will appear, select 'What's here?' and the coordinates will appear in the Google search box on top of the web site. The first number is the Latitude and the second the Longitude. You can then enter these latitude and longitude values in your OSD App or in this form.