Ocean Sampling Day

OSD needs your help!

Ocean Sampling Day (OSD) will bring together more than 100 science teams around the world to sample at more than 180 sampling sites, and hopefully thousands of citizen scientists like you to take measurements of your local water. The goal is to create the biggest data set in marine research that has ever been taken on one single day, like a huge snapshot of the world's oceans.

You can learn more about the Ocean Sampling Day and the OSD Citizen Science on the OSD project and MyOSD citizen science websites.

Get in touch

Follow the OSD Blog to receive specific updates about OSD and reports from the sites participating in OSD. If any questions remain do not hesitate to contact the OSD team.

Submit data

Once you have collected the environmental data to support the Ocean Sampling Day, you need to submit it to the OSD team to make it available for all scientists. You can submit your data via our online form or right on site using the OSD App (for iOS and Android devices).

Browse data

Browse all the information gathered by many scientists and citizen scientists world-wide online. You can also check out all participating sites and institutes of the Ocean Sampling Day.