What is the Portal for Marine Ecological GenomiX?

The megx.net database, MegDB (microbial ecological genomics DataBase), is a collection of publicly available georeferenced marine bacterial and archaeal genomes and metagenomes, including the Global Ocean Sampling (GOS) reads.
One of the key elements of megx.net is the Genes Mapserver (developed within the frame of the EU-funded project MetaFunctions ), which facilitates the interpretation of the sequence data in MetaStorage in its environmental context via a browsable world map. The unique strength of the Genes Mapserver is its Global Information System (GIS), which integrates environmental data layers extracted from the World Ocean Atlas (WOA). Currently, 'on the fly' interpolated data include temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, apparent oxygen utilization, percent oxygen saturation, phosphate, silicate, and nitrate at standard depths, averaged over annual, seasonal, and monthly periods for any location in the marine system. In addition to the browser, Geographic-BLAST can be used to query the genome and metagenome databases we offer. You can then view the distribution of georeferenced BLAST hits and use the Mapserver's functionality at any one of these locations. Megx.net now covers diversity analysis by integrating the SILVA ribosomal RNA databases. SILVA offers comprehensive, quality controlled and aligned 16/18S and 23/28S rRNA sequence databases for in depth phylogenetic reconstruction and diversity analysis.
Incorporation of MetaBar, through which researchers can manage their own sampling campaigns by combining the megx.net GIS data with self-collected GPS positions.
megx.net was published in the 2010 NAR Database Issue:
Megx.net: integrated database resource for marine ecological genomics Renzo Kottmann; Ivalyo Kostadinov; Melissa Beth Duhaime; Pier Luigi Buttigieg; Pelin Yilmaz; Wolfgang Hankeln; Jost Waldmann; Frank Oliver Glockner Nucleic Acids Res. 2009Pubmed Abstract Free full text
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