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Number of Prokaryotic Genomes: 1832
  Complete Published: 836
  Complete Unpublished: 32
  Incomplete: 919

('targeted study' of an organism not in pure culture, ie: an enrichment)

  Permanent Draft: 21
  Georeferenced: 98 (5.3% of genomes)
Number of GOS Microbial Metagenomes: 80
Number of Marine Phages: 31
  Georeferenced: 28 (90.3% of phage genomes)
Number of 16S/18S rRNA Sequences: 996,747
  Georeferenced: 107,793 (8.6% of SSU sequences)
Number of 23S/28S rRNA Sequences: 161,017
  Georeferenced: 5023 (2.8% of LSU sequences)
Number of Sites: 2362
Number of Samples: 5156

Datasets available for Geographic-BLAST

Prokaryotic Genomes contains 1832 sequenced prokaryotic (Bacteria and Archaea) genomes, which you may browse here.
Global Ocean Sampling Metagenomes contains all publically available metagenomes available from the Global Ocean Sampling (GOS) Expedition, which aimed to conduct a global genomic survey of microbial life in the world's oceans. The GOS metagenomes contained here are those that exclusively target microbes (organisms 0.1-0.8 µm), such as Bacteria, Archaea, and picoeukaryotes.
Marine Phage Genomes consists of 23 fully sequenced marine phage genomes. Contextual data for recently published genomes is available, and their genomes will be included in Geographic-BLAST once publicly available in GenBank.
16S/18S rRNA consists of 996,747 small subunit (ssu) sequences in the SILVA-SSU-parc database release 102.
23S/28S rRNA consists of 161,017 large subunit (lsu) sequences in the SILVA-LSU-parc database release 102.

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